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Sugar is a commodity traded in the commodity exchange in London ( for white) and New York (for VHP), and many buyer are deceiving themselves into believing that they can get sugar at a big discount below the market price. There is no such as a thing.
Many buyers we know of, do not listen and ended up never get any sugar and wasted much money, time, energy, effort and reputation.
Anyone with an account at the commodity exchange can sell or buy future sugar contracts from these commodity exchanges and why would anyone want to sell below the commodity exchange price to you where they could just sell directly to the exchange at market price ???

we do not reply to public email addresses such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.

We source sugar directly from a Brazilian jointly owned commercial enterprise, which is in control of over seven sugar mills. We also work with individual Brazilian sugar mills. Lastly we also work with several US and EU hedge funds who own Brazilian sugar allocations in large quantities. Because of that, we are able to fill an order of any size, starting with the minimum 12.500 metric tons of sugar to multi million ton orders. Please contact us with your detailed requirements, and we will get back to you with availability and price quotation

We are maintaining a level pricing structure coupled with the best procedure of any supplier in the industry.

We are offering to produce, load and ship sugar against a simple commitment letter from the buyers bank.
The buyers bank has to commit that they will issue a agreed upon security instrument (SBLC) after they receive copies of the shipping and POP instruments for the first of the contract shipments.
The buyer and his bank can purchase sugar in the knowledge that:

They are taking no risk because the SBLC is issued against FULL POP.
They know the first shipment is underway to its destination.
They know they are dealing with a REAL Seller / Producer.
Please do not ask us to change our procedure and do not approach us unless you have / are a real buyer who has already checked with his bank to confirm they are able to provide the require commitment letter.

We don’t provide proof of product any time before contract signature and is send bank to bank. Please do not insist as we understand any communication that is not bank to bank has no value either for us or for the buyer. It is very easy to issue a "fake" proof of product, bill of lading, SGS report without bank to bank communication so we don't do it We don’t provide history of past transactions as this is against the law and contract rules established between seller and buyer, NCNDA of ICC non-circumvention non-disclosure agreement of International Chamber of Commerce. Many documents are used fraudulently. Therefore past performance cannot be reported nor provide any copy of SGS inspection.