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Sugar of Brazil - Icumsa45 - Raw Sugar

Grupo Centena is a leading supplier of Brazilian Sugar. We offer the best quality Brazilian Sugar and offer eco friendly packing to our esteemed clientele. We offer unadulterated content to the clients and do not compromise on the quality of the sugar.

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Brazilian Sugar

Grupo Centena is a leading supplier of premium quality Brazilian Sugar. We supply granulated refined crystal white sugar Icumsa type 45 / 100 / 150 and granulated brown sugar (VHP) all in strong 50 kg pp bags. With an international sales team, having more than 10 years experience in the Brazilian sugar-market trade and logistics, we are able to get your requested sugar type packed and transported to the port of Santos, with compatible shipping costs to your indicated final destinations fast and reliably.

We are able to supply quality sugar through the Brazilian mills/traders and stuff the 50kg pp bags in 20´ heavy tested containers with payload of 27 tons (540x 50kg bags) or 26 tons (520x 50kg bags) and transport them to the port of Santos and ship these through International containers carriers to world wide destinations.

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Brazilian Sugar